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Welcome to what’s troubling me.

Missing In Action (Mothers/females missing from their children’s lives).  You’re right the (acronym) doesn’t match the title, but who cares it’s the issue I want to discuss because I’m ready to grow.

You see many of us can put stuff on the back burner, on the shelf, in a box, under the bed, in the closet, or over their cousin’s house; but (I’m ready to grow).  So help me speak from experience because I’m ready to grow.

Now back to the topic.  Missing in Action (Mother/females missing from their children lives.)

Please, and this is a word I rarely use, help me understand how our children became a Thing.  You remember the definition of a noun…a person, place, or THING.   A thing you treat any way you want because in most cases you brought it.  It can’t speak!  You can clean it when you want!  And leave it where you want!

How did we mothers/females become so disconnected to our own?  Why have we abandoned them?  Before we begin to pass the buck, let’s just build a list of 101 ways we disconnect.  I’ll start the list and please join in because (I’m ready to grow) and then we all can grow.

1.   We abandon them for…
2.   Children watching children
3.   Working 2 to 3 jobs
4.   No breakfast in the morning
5.   Fast food for dinner
6.   We trade them
7.   We use them for financial profit
8.   We leave them with abusers
9.   We never call
10. We visit on holidays

Okay I’ve started you add yours.